Boye Round knitting looms

When I was younger I my Aunt taught me how to crochet.  I haven't done it in years. I had heard and seen knitting looms and thought it would be interesting to try them.  So I bought the Boye round loom set.  They were $16 at Michael's and I used a 40% off coupon.  Yarn was also on sale so I bought two skeins of yarn.  Total investment less than $15.

The set comes with 4 round looms in various sizes.  I've only used the orange loom and the purple loom so far.  The also come with a plastic needle and a hook.  They come in a plastic carrying bag.  The bag is nice but its suppose to have a slider lock on the top which mine came broken.  I still use it to store the looms when I'm not using them.  I've made several hats already and it was really easy.  It took me a little while to get things started the first time.  Once you get the hang of it the process is really easy and I can do it while watching tv. I'm going to be making hats for the work project that I talked about in my last post, Caps for Cancer.  I'm really glad I made this purchase and several of my co-workers have already asked me if I can show them how to do this.
Here are 3 of the hats I've made so far.  I also made one for my mother and my husband.  My co-worker loved the hats so much, she asked me to make one to match her coat. She paid me $20 for it.  My husbands friend also asked me for 1 for himself and one for his mother.  I can make one a day if I want but my hands get alittle sore if I do that much at a time.  Its found it to be really relaxing though.

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