Silver wire necklace with matching earrings

 This is the complete necklace and earring set

 Close-up of the earrings

Close-up of the necklace

This necklace/earring set were made from standard jewelry wire purchased from Michael's craft store.  I was actually somewhat surprise at how easy it was to create the shapes on the necklace.  I really had no idea what I was going for when I started.  I started with a simple wire coil that I then stretched the coil and wrapped it again.  I just went with it and this is the final result.

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Necklace made from waste welding wire.

I've had a bit of crafting block for the last few months.  I haven't really even had the urge to create anything but a few simple thank you cards.  Well the block is now gone and I'm back on track again.  My husband is a welder by trade and is out of work at the momment.  He has been picking up some odd jobs using his own welders he has in our garage.  Many times the welder will spit out extra wire that he can't use again.  He was just throwing this wire in the trash until I stopped him.  I told him I could make something with that.  Here is my first attempt at making something out of the waste welding wire.  I was going to post it on my new esty shop but I brought it to work to show off and my boss snatched it up before it ever made it to the shop. 

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