Martha Stewart knitting loom set

Since I loved my round knitting looms so much, I figured I'd invest in the long loom set.  I contemplated between the Boye set and the new Martha Stewart loom set that just came out.  After a bit of research I decided to go with the Martha Stewart set. It was $39.99 at Michael's.  I bought it with a 50% off coupon. Here is a picture of everything that comes in the set.

That is everything laid out on the table.  What I liked about this set is that I can make many different configurations for whatever I might need.  You can make round, square, oval and rectangular looms with this set.  It also comes with a knitting tool, weaving tool, crochet hook.  It also comes with a small and large yarn needle.  The knitting tool is very flimsy in comparison to the one that came with the Boye set.  In fact at Michael's you can buy extra knitting tools just like the ones that come in the Boye sets for only $.99.  I bought two extras.  I'll be using those rather than the Martha Stewart one. I haven't used the looms to make anything yet, but I have tried to assemble the pieces.  I found assembly to be very easy and the pegs go into the holes very easy and seem very solid when they are in the holes.  I look forward to using this loom set.  I'm going to try making some scarves and maybe even an afghan.

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Boye Round knitting looms

When I was younger I my Aunt taught me how to crochet.  I haven't done it in years. I had heard and seen knitting looms and thought it would be interesting to try them.  So I bought the Boye round loom set.  They were $16 at Michael's and I used a 40% off coupon.  Yarn was also on sale so I bought two skeins of yarn.  Total investment less than $15.

The set comes with 4 round looms in various sizes.  I've only used the orange loom and the purple loom so far.  The also come with a plastic needle and a hook.  They come in a plastic carrying bag.  The bag is nice but its suppose to have a slider lock on the top which mine came broken.  I still use it to store the looms when I'm not using them.  I've made several hats already and it was really easy.  It took me a little while to get things started the first time.  Once you get the hang of it the process is really easy and I can do it while watching tv. I'm going to be making hats for the work project that I talked about in my last post, Caps for Cancer.  I'm really glad I made this purchase and several of my co-workers have already asked me if I can show them how to do this.
Here are 3 of the hats I've made so far.  I also made one for my mother and my husband.  My co-worker loved the hats so much, she asked me to make one to match her coat. She paid me $20 for it.  My husbands friend also asked me for 1 for himself and one for his mother.  I can make one a day if I want but my hands get alittle sore if I do that much at a time.  Its found it to be really relaxing though.

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Caps for Cancer

My work, AAA Milwaukee, this year has come up with a community ambassador project that anyone can participate in. We are going to be collecting hats, scarves, booties and plush stuffed animals for cancer patients. I bet that if you ask anyone, they can think of someone who has been affected by cancer. We are going to donate these items to our local area hospitals where cancer patients will be able to pick out an item of their choice. If you would like to participate we are looking for items for all ages and both male and female. Items must be new if bought, please keep the tag on when you send it. Also we welcome handmade items. In both cases, new and handmade, try to choose soft materials, no wool please. We will be collecting items all year. Spread the word and tell your friends. Items can be sent to AAA Wisconsin, 4433 S. 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53221. Attn: Caps for Cancer. We appreciate anything you can donate. I will be making some hats myself and welcome any left over yarn you may have have.

Update:  I am so proud of my co-workers and the community I live and work in.  At years end we were able to donate over 768 items to our local cancer center.  The hospital has been so appreciative of our donations.  Everytime we dropped off a box they were so excited because they said they were almost out.  I think there is a bit of a misconception that people think these cancer centers get this kind of stuff all the time when if fact they never have enough.  My workplace has decided to continue to collect itmes this year as well.  Every little bit we can give helps.  Thank you again to everyone who has sent donations. 

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