New tool I bought, Geo-Die, and the cards I made with it.

I bought a new tool this past Saturday at the Rubber Stamp and Scrapbooking expo in Milwaukee.  They are called Geo-dies.  I absolutely love them.  I remember seeing templates like this a few years ago that you had to cut the slits out by hand.  Some brilliant person came up with a die that can be used in embossing type machines like the Cuttlebug, which I own, that cut the slits for you.  Of course there is still some work involved but it cuts the time to make these designs substantially.  The card on the bottom I made for my Mother, her 68th Birthday is tomorrow.  I also bought her this really cute hanging flower.  She loves getting those for your back porch.

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Skater T-Shirt for my nephew's Birthday

My nephew, like most 12 year old boys, likes skateboarding.  He's likes to watch it and dress like them more than he likes to actually skateboard.  So I made him a shirt with t-shirt vinyl for his birthday. 

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Recycled candles

I haven't been able to craft much in the last week and a half as I have been in pain from what I thought was a shoulder issue which seems to come out of nowhere.  I've been told by the doctor and my chiropractor that the pain in my shoulder is actually a result of a pinched nerve in my neck.  I am finally feeling somewhat better today after the doctor prescribed me some anti-inflammatory medication and one for pain.  So decided to work on something for my husband. 

About a week ago my husband asked me if I could buy him some cheap candles.  He likes to burn them while out in the garage.  It warms the garage a bit and makes it smell better.  Rather than buy new ones I chose to recycle some of the old ones.  You know how after you burn a candle as much as it will burn, your left with all sorts of leftover wax around the edges and the center part is burned all the way down.  I'm talking about the kind that come in some sort of glass.   Well here is what I did to recycle these old candles into new ones. 

1) You need an old pot to put water in for boiling.
2) Fill half way with water and boil on stove.  Turn down so it's not rolling but still very hot.
3) Place one or two (depends on the pot size) into the boiling water. 
4) You will need at least 1 empty jar and some wicks (bought at the craft store, candle making area).
5) The wax will begin to melt just by having them in the water.  Once the wax melts you will need to pick up   the jar. I used an old gardening glove so It was easier to handle and just in case I slipped I wouldn't burn my hand with the hot wax. 
6) Set the new wick in the empty jar and slowly poor the melted wax into the jar.  Continue doing this until the jar is full with the wick sticking out enough to light.  You can mix the colors if you want.  I layered two and the other two are the same solid color.
7) Once all the melted wax is out of the jar I wiped out the jar to be used for the next one.

I was actually able to make four new candles for only $2.99 which is the cost of 10 wicks.  I can still make 6 more so really that is only .30cents a candle.  Its kinda of time consuming but was fun.  I still have some old candles to make more so when he needs more I know how it do it now.

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A few quicky cards

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Grape Ceramic Tile

Here is another ceramic tile coaster that I made.  I used the same method as with the Have a cup on me tile.  However, I learned something very important when I made this tile.   It is in reference to the acrylic coating.  You only get one shot to coat the tile.  DO NOT apply a second coat.  When I tried to apply the second coat it somehow reacted with the 1st coat I applied and started to turn a brownish color and became hazing looking.  This can also happen if you apply too much acrylic the 1st time so you need to really pay attention to how much you are applying.  Also if this happens do not try to wash off the tile..I make a bigger mess than its worth.   The vinyl will come off and you will end up with this  nasty sticky acrylic mess to clean up in your sink.  Better option, throw it out and start over.  The extra tile and new vinyl don't cost that much. 

My next challenge will be to make some of these tiles in multiple colors of vinyl.  It will be interesting to piece it together just right.  I plan on selling these in the future, when I have enough of them.  I will probably sell them in a set of four for $15.00 or if they want only one for $4.00.

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Ceramic coaster

I've tried several variations of coasters using ceramic tiles.  Its been alot of trial and error.  I have finaly found the combination that works.  I wanted to be able to put a coating on top of coaster to make it easier to wash them.  I tired Mod Podge and it just didn't work like I wanted it to.  My first try with clear acrylic made the vinyl curl on me.  I finally figured out why.  So here is the secret to make this combination work.  1) You need to use outdoor vinyl.   Indoor vinyl will curl guaranteed if you try to put an acrylic over it.  2) Don't use cheap $2 spray acrylic.  I used Engine acrylic.  I bought mine at a place called Farm-n-Fleet.  I would imagine any car part supply store will sell it.  I bought my vinyl from Nick at  Nick has been fantastic.  He ships so fast and packages it perfect so it comes just like you would expect it to be.  He has packs of outdoor vinyl in the clearance sections for $7 for 10 sheets of 12x12.  Thats less than $1.00 a sheet. 

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