Grape Ceramic Tile

Here is another ceramic tile coaster that I made.  I used the same method as with the Have a cup on me tile.  However, I learned something very important when I made this tile.   It is in reference to the acrylic coating.  You only get one shot to coat the tile.  DO NOT apply a second coat.  When I tried to apply the second coat it somehow reacted with the 1st coat I applied and started to turn a brownish color and became hazing looking.  This can also happen if you apply too much acrylic the 1st time so you need to really pay attention to how much you are applying.  Also if this happens do not try to wash off the tile..I make a bigger mess than its worth.   The vinyl will come off and you will end up with this  nasty sticky acrylic mess to clean up in your sink.  Better option, throw it out and start over.  The extra tile and new vinyl don't cost that much. 

My next challenge will be to make some of these tiles in multiple colors of vinyl.  It will be interesting to piece it together just right.  I plan on selling these in the future, when I have enough of them.  I will probably sell them in a set of four for $15.00 or if they want only one for $4.00.

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