Whew what a week.

I didn't complete any projects this week but almost.  I added some new crafting site favorites for you to check out.  I order a sampler pack of t-shirt vinyl from http://www.craftvinyl.com/.  I placed the order late last Friday and recieved it today.  Nick at craftvinyl so rocks.  I couldn't believe how fast I got my order and he put these really awesome directions on how to use the t-shirt vinyl in with my order.  I am definetly going to order from here again.  I also order some quilling supplies today around 10am.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked my email at 11:00am, they had already shipped my order...all I can say is WOW. 

I also sold 10 of my cards today to the Mitchell Park Domes gift shop today.  I'm so excited to see how well they sell.  They are so confident that they are going to sell that they are paying me outright for them rather than on consignment.  I'm very excited.   I'm hoping this weekend to replenish the card supply, get some coasters done and I need to make two t-shirts with my new vinyl for my nieces who's birthdays are comming up.  I'm feeling ambitious this weekend. :)

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Etched ceramic tile coaster

I've seen variations of tile coasters all over the internet so I decided to give them a try.   First I tried vinyl but couldn't seem to find anything that I could use to coat it with that wouldn't make the vinyl peel up.  I saw some that had been etched with etching cream and thought that was a great idea.  Only problem is I only had white tiles.  So I thought I maybe I could color the etching cream with alcohol inks and it would then stain the tile while it etched.  Well this does not work.  It etched the tile but since its white on white you could not see it unless you tilted it sideways and looked for it.  So I had to figure a way to color the etched portion of the tile but not the rest of the tile.  Well as you can see its not perfect but I wasn't really going for perfect, I was going for the process that would work.  I figured it out and now I can work on perfect.  I did put one coat of all purpose enamel on to make sure the color can't be washed off.

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Etched Glass Candle Holders

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Tuesday Cards

I made three cards tonight because last night I was so tired after work that I didn't make one yesterday. My boss bought two of them on Monday so I was starting to get behind.  So today I had to make three to make up for my lack of enthusiasm yesterday.

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Stamped Card

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10 Cards in 2 days

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More Cards

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