Homemade Peanut Butter

I really love my peanut butter on a piece of toast in the morning.  I've tried the generic brands and was less than impressed with the smell and taste.  So either it was go expensive or find an alternative.  I found a post online about making my own and thought ok I'll try that.  So I bought some honey roasted peanuts.

Put them in my generic magic bullet processer. 

and a grinding I went.  I was a little learry that this was going to work.  As the post said..don't add anything, no water, no oil just grind till peanut butter.  I used the flat blade that came with the blender.  I tried the other blade but it didn't work as well.  After about 5 mins this is what I got.

It is absolutely delicious.  So much better than store bought.  Best part is I can make it as creamy or crunchy as I want.  If you make it real creamy I'd suggest storing it in the fridge otherwise the natural oils will come to the surface.  Just stir before spreading and its perfect. From what I understand you can use any type of nuts with the same results.

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Natural Soothing Salve

Did you know that a tiny little tube of neosporin costs almost $6.00.  Since my husband has been out of work for more than a year and a half that is a bit expensive when I can make 10oz of homemade salve for way less than that. Best part is I can find all the herbs I need in my backyard.  I use Comfrey, Calendula, Yarrow and Broadleaf Plantain.  If you don't know what that last one is, google it.  I think you'll be surprised.  I have it growing all over in my grass and always thought of it as just a weed.  It has some amazing properties.  I infused 1/4 cup of each in a clean spagetti sauce jar along with olive oil.  After a few days of infusion I add 1 cup of this oil to 1 cup of coconut oil and some beeswax.  Thats it...a wonderful salve for sunburn, bug bits, cuts, scraps, excema.  I've been using it on dry cuticles for the last few days and they are nice and soft again.  I've even used it on my dog who got into something and has been scratching his stomach.  He's felling much better now.  Its a great anti-itch salve too. 

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Homemade Lip Balms

I was never really a fan of store bought lip balms.  They always felt waxy when I used them.  So I decided to try and make my own.  I use 5 ingredients, coconut oil, mango butter, vitamin e oil, beeswax and zinc oxide.  The zinc oxide is there to add some sun protection.  I ordered some sample flavor oils from www.brambleberry.com to try out.  I tried vanilla icing, mint, lemon pound cake, rainbow sherbert and watermellon.  I love the vanilla, lemon, mint and watermellon.  They are fantastic.  The rainbow sherbert really didn't smell like rainbow sherbert, its kind of has a hint of floral to it.  But I still like it.  I'm really pleased with the way these turned out.  I carry at least on of them on me at all times. 

I got the containers from www.elementbathandbody.com.  They even have these really great shrink wraps for the tubes.  I started just pouring in the tubes by hand but a lip balm tube tray to fill the tubes is so much easier.  I even used the same recipe to make a homemade sunscreen that works great.  I'm not a burner in the sun so this recipe might now work for those with more sun sensitive skin. Just keep that in mind when making homemade suncreen.  Some people are more sensitive than others.

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Homemade Lime Deodorant

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your store bought deoderant.  Its pretty scarry.  Try googling a few of those ingredients.  Many contain Aluminum Chlorohydrate as a main active ingredient.  Besides being linked to cancer and Alzheimers, I don't think applying anything with aluminum is a good idea to apply to my skin.  So I looked for an alternative.  I found I could easily make my own deoderant with 3 simple ingredients, Coconut oil, arrowroot powder and baking soda.  Wow really...coconut oil and baking soda can be found in any grocery store.  Arrowroot powder is alittle harder..you can find it at health food stores or online.  I got mine from www.brambleberry.com.  I can get it by the pound, besides I can use it in cooking too.  You'll need some beeswax too, thats what holds it all together. I like the lime essential oil because of its antibacterial properties and its a nice scent, but you can leave it unscented. I found these really great 2oz push up containers from www.elementsbathandbody.com.  They are perfect for deoderant.  I love this deoderant, I'll never buy store bought again.  Go ahead try it yourself, or if your too busy I do sell these at $4.00 for 1 or $10 for 3.  I have 3 types, lime, lavender and unscented.  If you are interrested send me an email to midwestgreenworks@wi.rr.com.  Let me know what you want and I can set it up for you to buy from my esty store.

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My adventures in Making Homemade Soap

So keeping with my nature them, I've started an adventure into making homemade soap.  I was a bit leary as it required me to use sodium hydroxide, which is know as lye.  I did my research and in I jumped.  Not wanting to wait for my new soap to cure, I decided to try what they call Hot Processed (HP) soap first.  It requires the use of a double boiler, which by the way is almost impossible to find locally, or you can use a crockpot. Ooooh I have one of those.  Plus you need some sort of mold.  I chose to not invest in something expensive till I get the process down a bit, so I used an empty, clean pringles container.  I infused some olive oil with calendula petals (thats marigold flowers).  I also used crisco, coconut oil and castor oil.  A pretty simple recipe.  Plus lye and water and off I went.   Here is a picture of my first batch of HP soap. 

It really turned out great.  I was able to try my soap the next day and I absolutely love it.  It has a nice lather and it doesn't dry out my skin.  I have sensitive skin so this made me really happy.  This batch is unscented.  I made a second batch the next weekend and got a bit more ambitious.  I used crushed lavender and used a lavender essential oil.  It smells lovely.  I'm not big on scents so I kept this one real mild.  Here is a picture of the lavender HP soap.

After 2 sucessful attempts at HP soaps I decided it was time to go for it and try Cold Processed (CP) soap.  What is the difference you ask?  Well with HP soap you speed up the process where the lye and the oils react with each other called Saponification.   This makes the soap usable immediately after cutting.  The heat from the HP process helps the water to evaporate. However, if you let it air dry for a week or so it will last longer as the bar hardens. With CP soap the soap needs more time to get the water to evaporate.  This type of soap needs to cure (sit) for longer 4-6 weeks before use if you want a harder bar of soap.  It can be used sooner but will not last nearly as long as it would if you wait.  I decided to really be adventurous with this batch.  I figured if I was going to mess it up, I'd like to go big.  I used the same recipe as with the other two batches but this time I added alkanet root to half the batch to add a purple color.  I also added a red apple fragrance that I got as a sample from and order I placed with www.brambleberry.com.  Well I'm happy to say, I was pleased with the results.  I forgot to pack the mold so I had some air pockets but it was mostly all good.  Now to wait before using, but it smells and looks delicious. 

Now the only question is what am I going to make next.

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