Homemade Peanut Butter

I really love my peanut butter on a piece of toast in the morning.  I've tried the generic brands and was less than impressed with the smell and taste.  So either it was go expensive or find an alternative.  I found a post online about making my own and thought ok I'll try that.  So I bought some honey roasted peanuts.

Put them in my generic magic bullet processer. 

and a grinding I went.  I was a little learry that this was going to work.  As the post said..don't add anything, no water, no oil just grind till peanut butter.  I used the flat blade that came with the blender.  I tried the other blade but it didn't work as well.  After about 5 mins this is what I got.

It is absolutely delicious.  So much better than store bought.  Best part is I can make it as creamy or crunchy as I want.  If you make it real creamy I'd suggest storing it in the fridge otherwise the natural oils will come to the surface.  Just stir before spreading and its perfect. From what I understand you can use any type of nuts with the same results.

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