Recycled aluminum cans

I like to call them re-inCarnations.

Yes these are made from aluminum cans.  The only new thing on these is the brad in the center.  Otherwise I used an empty can and some spray paint my husband had left over in the garage.  I put a clip on the back of one that I can use as a pin.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do with the other one yet.

Update:  So I tried to make some more of these.  I used the same method but this time I tried to paint the pieces before I put them together.  I think I put the paint on too thick because as it dried it started to crack on me.   Good thing is I didn't have alot invested in the materials.  The other problem is I painted these outside as it was starting to get dark.  As they dried the crackling in them actually added some character so I'm going to use it.  I did find a better coloring material.  Alcohol inks !!.   I've had a set of these that I used like once on something and didn't like it.  My co-worker suggested I try them on the aluminum.  Oh my,  I'm in love with alcohol inks now.  Went out and bought 2 more sets of 3.  I now have 9 colors.  I bought the the little stamper thing for the inks and found that they use simple felt stuck to the velcro on the pad.  So I bought a big sheet of white felt and cut it into squares to use on the stamper.  Cost me $0.25... much cheaper than the $4.00 they charge for the pre-cut ones that Tim Holtz packages.  I can't believe anyone would buy those.  I also found out that you can use punches on the aluminum as well.  Its a bit hard but if you put it on the floor and push your knee into the punch it goes right through. 

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