Table Hot Plate

This is my first attempt at a Hot plate for your kitchen table.  I picked up the tile which is 8x10 in size from my local Habitat for Humanity Re-store.  It cost me .40 cents.  I used vinyl to cut out the lettering and then I tried to use glass etching cream, which worked, sort of.  The lettering turned white, however it was not enough to make the letters highly visible.  So I then colored the etched area with my black pan pastel.  Here is the real trick to make this work as a hot plate.  You can't use standard acrylic spray to coat the tile as a hot pan will melt the acrylic.  So I used Engine emamel.  Its alittle more expensive @ $5.00 can but so much better than the cheap $2.00 cans.  It coats better and its heat tested to 500 degrees.  I sprayed 2 coats just to be sure.  You need to be careful when spraying though as to not use to much or you can cause the pan pastel to run.  Moderation is best, besides your coating it twice so in the end it will all be covered adquately.

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